We can say hyper eosinophilia, can you?



We are Tara and Jada. We are members of an exclusive club, and we are on a mission.

We have been diagnosed with a rare auto-immune condition called Hyper Eosinophilic Syndrome, or “HES.” HES has few treatment options, but researchers are learning more every day.

Our mission? Connect the community of HES patients and medical experts, provide support, and help find a cure in our lifetimes.

Tara (left) and Jada (right) when they first met back in 2012 at age 17 and 8.

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American Partnership for Eosinophilic Disorders

"There is a founding principle within APFED: “We Get It!” And we do. Our founder’s intimate experience with eosinophilic gastroenteritis and frustration out of the lack of resources available led to the building of an organization rallied around change. APFED was born out of necessity." 

Want More Information?

Learn more about where we get our treatment and visit our doctors

National Institutes of Health
See If There's a Clinical Trial For You!

Learn more about clinical trials being offered for patients with diseases like HES

Nucala Drug Approved for Treating HES (EGPA)

Learn all about the drug that Tara has been on for over a decade through her NIH clinical trial that has finally been approved!

Rare Disease Foundation 

"The Rare Disease Foundation is focused on linking basic science and clinical practice to increase the efficiency of rare disease research. This model is called Translational Care. This model drives patient based, treatment focussed research projects from disease characterization to treatment with greater efficiency. By incorporating research, astute clinician observation and patient and family knowledge into the various stages of rare disease research we impact the speed of discovery and the way rare conditions are managed."

Every Life Foundation

"We are a science-based advocacy organization that works to bring lifesaving treatments to the 30 million Americans with rare diseases.

We focus on educating and activating the patient community to ensure they are heard by policy makers in government and by industry developing the treatments."