Get to know us!

Welcome to our new site! Here, we love to share our stories in order to help others get a better understanding of living with HES. 

Who are we?


23 / Co-Founder /  Washington, D.C.

14 / Co-Founder / Richmond, VA.

I was diagnosed with HES when I was 9 years-old and have been a patient at the National Institutes of Health since then. I wanted to share my story through this website in order to connect with people around the world who want to better understand the disease, its maintenance, and new developments.


I'm currently a second-year law student at the George Washington University Law School and I hope to become a healthcare, clinical research, and bioethics lawyer. In my free time, I like to listen to audiobooks, do yoga, and spend time with my friends.

I was diagnosed with Hypereosinophilic Syndrome when I was 7 years old. My favorite sports to play are swimming, volleyball, and lacrosse. My two favorite things in the world are my dogs, Roxie and Milo! My mom’s side of the family is from Egypt so I’ve been there 7 times. I love visiting family there and being with my cousins. My health is definitely a big part of me. But so far, my doctors have done a pretty good job of letting me live a normal, happy life. I hope that I can become a doctor one day and help people just like me!


Editor / Richmond, VA.

I’m Jada’s Dad. When we first learned of Jada’s diagnosis with hypereosinophilic syndrome, her mother and I struggled to find information about this rare illness. When we were introduced to Tara and her family, we realized the value of having an online support network for the hypereosinophilic syndrome community.


Encouraged by Tara’s and Jada’s desire to reach out and help others, we launched this website. My job is to support the team’s efforts and help them achieve their goals.